GMIV's 'virtual cockpit' on display via the web

Gipsy Moth IV may be halfway across the Atlantic, but you can get a sense of being at the helm and check on her progress from the safety of your own home via the ‘virtual cockpit’ set up by the boat’s new owners: the United Kingdom Sailing Academy.

Gipsy Moth IV’s speed, course steered and wind direction are updated every hour on B&G dials with data sent direct from the 53ft ketch using B&G’s Deckman TT Reporter via the Nera Sat C.

You can also check on true and apparent wind speed, true wind direction relative to GMIV’s heading & the actual true wind direction. In the B&G HYDRA 2000 display you can see the averages for the past hour of boat speed, and true and apparent wind speed. The SIMRAD Chart Plotter shows GMIV’s latest position, her Speed Over the Ground (SOG) and her Course Over the Ground (COG).

In the true spirit of Sir Francis’ original voyage, you can also view GMIV’s celestial navigation sight reductions. These sights are taken by the crew to fix their position using celestial bodies such as the sun, stars & planets.

To complete you sense of ‘being there’ you can also read the daily log written by Yachting Monthly’s chief boat tester James Jermain who is sailing as mate aboard the yacht from Tenerife to Antigua.

Click here to see the virtual cockpit