Telecoms giant BT step in with communications know-how

BT has provided financial investment and communications expertise to the Gipsy Moth IV circumnavigation to celebrate Yachting Monthly’s 100th birthday.

BT’s backing has been instrumental in bringing the vessel into the 21st century. The company worked with Offshore Challenges and Ellen MacArthur, to provide a complete communications solution including an on-board wireless network for the yacht.

In association with the new owners of GMIV the UK Sailing Academy BT will be facilitating oceanography, weather and climate change data along the route, which will form part of an education programme for the young participants. In addition, many more young people will be able to take advantage of the programme via the web.

A fully crewed Gipsy Moth IV will set sail again from Plymouth on Sunday September 25. Deserving young adults from disadvantaged backgrounds, who may have learning difficulties or are recovering from major illness, will join the crew and take part in 31 different legs of the voyage.