Princess Anne gives Gipsy Moth IV VIP treatment

Dame Ellen McArthur, double Olympic Gold medallist Shirley Robertson and Ginnie Chichester, daughter-in law of Sir Francis, will board
yacht Gipsy Moth IV at Greenwich tomorrow as Princess Anne re-dedicates the ketch.

Gipsy Moth IV returns to Greenwich at midday for the first time since she left London aboard a lorry last November following a campaign by Yachting Monthly to get the yacht restored. The re-dedication ceremony takes place at 13.00.

Helping to crew the yacht will also be some young people from schools and charities, including Dean Welton, aged 15 from the Ellen McArthur Trust, Robert McClaren aged 16 from Peckham and David Williams from the Isle of Wight , some of whom will sail on a leg of the vessel’s second global circumnavigation which departs from Plymouth on 25th September this year with the Blue Water Rally.