The start of the 2022 Golden Globe Race. Photo: Ville des Sables d’Olonne – Christophe Huchet

The third ever edition of the Golden Globe Race started in late 2022. The first was in 1968, which was followed many years later by the race’s rebirth in 2018. 

What was unique about the Golden Globe race?

The original Golden Globe Race was the first race around the world solo without stops or any outside assistance. 

The GGR remains one of sailing’s best known events, capturing the hearts and minds of a global audience. It also began a thirst for single handed round the world racing that continues to this day. 

The first participants in 1968 are well known, whether it is the eventual triumph of Britain’s Sir Robin Knox Johnston over his arch rival Frenchman Bernard Motissier, or the tragic story of Donald Crowhurst (the story of which is the subject of the film, The Mercy). 

It was then, and remains today, a serious undertaking for anyone hoping to achieve it. Even in the modern era racing around the world solo and without assistance remains a very difficult task to achieve. Despite many trying, many attempts still end in failure (though not usually with tragic outcomes).

To put the challenge into some perspective, more people have travelled into space than have raced around the world alone and unaided. 

That original race saw sailors able to set off on their voyage within a fairly wide window of opportunity, with the only rule being that the first person to complete a lap of the globe would be declared the winner. 

Recently the race has been reborn with a round the world race being held in 2018, attempting to capture something of the adventuring nature of those early intrepid sailors. 

The event was a success and, as such, another edition will be held this year, as contestants set off on the Golden Globe Race 2022.

The same organisers of the 2018 and 2022 Golden Globe have also announced another reto race in the form of the Ocean Globe Race, which will look to recreate the Whitbread Round the World race of old.

What is the Golden Globe yacht race?

The 2022 Golden Globe Race is a solo, nonstop yacht race around the world with no assistance and without the use of modern technology.

This means the skippers can’t use GPS, chartplotters, electric winches, autopilots, mobile phones, iPads or use synthetic materials like Spectra, Kevlar or Vectron.

Their only means of communication is via registered, licensed maritime-approved HF Single Side Band (SSB) Radio, with discussions generally limited to the Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) weather. They are allowed to listen to HAM radio, but are not allowed to transmit.

Where does the Golden Globe race start and when?

The 2022 Golden Globe Race will start on 4 September 2022 from the port of Les Sables d’Olonne on France‘s Atlantic coast.

Over the years this has become the effective home of round the world racing, with a variety of modern events starting from this French venue. 

The best known is the Vendée Globe, which is essentially the modern version of the Golden Globe Race, with participants racing highly technologically advanced yachts around the world at blistering speeds.  

Who was the winner of the 2022-23 Golden Globe Race?

Skippers still racing but now in the Chichester class (those who have made 1 stop):

  • Simon Curwen – UNITED KINGDOM – Winner of the 2022-23 Chichester class – for those who have made 1 stop

Who is competing in the 2022 Golden Globe Race?

Chichester class – for those who have made 1 stop

18 skippers started the 2018 race on 1 July 2018, with just five finishing, so it is not expected that all these skippers will make it to the finish. 

2022-23 Golden Globe Race retirements

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