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This portable 15,000mAh powerbank for charging phones and tablets has an impressive capacity.

In practice, I achieved seven full charges on an iPhone 5S, enough for a week-long cruise.

Helpfully, you can check the pack’s charge level with the LED screen.
 It took several hours to fully charge.

It has two USB ports but you’ll only get half the output if you charge two devices at once; the 2.1A max output is shared between the ports.

The other issue was that the small charging cables (Micro-USB/USB-C) weren’t attached and could be easily lost.

You can use your own cable but the powerbank cannot be charged using an iPhone cable, making it necessary to carry an additional cable.

With a 15.4cm x 9.8cm x 2.9cm, 382g rubberised body, it felt very robust I liked the rubber covers for the output ports, and the LED torch was a nice touch.

It felt solid enough that the odd drop wouldn’t matter, and being IPX4 water resistant makes me more confident using it afloat.

The Veho Pebble Endurance Portable Power Bank costs £99.50 and is available from

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