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Lithium ion batteries have long been heralded as the next step in battery technology, but they are still flawed – particularly in their tendency to explode when damaged.

Lithium Phosphate batteries are, in contrast self-extinguishing if damaged and at least as capable.

This 8kg battery has a capacity of 68Ah, but can be fully discharged so is equivalent to a 120Ah lead acid battery, delivering a full voltage throughout its discharge.

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Battery power

Battery power

In the January 2004 issue Nigel Calder answers a question about battery management. Follow this link for his extended comments.

It has an internal battery management system and can be checked using Bluetooth.

It isn’t ideal as a cranking battery, but for a domestic battery, it will give 2,750 cycles (compared to roughly 500 for lead-acid) and is guaranteed for five years.

Prices start from £699 and he battery is available from