YAM aluminium Rib boats for cruisers are Yamaha's new lightweight tender range in sizes from 2.8m to 3.5m length overall.

It is the Japanese engine specialist’s first foray into ally-hulled inflatables, and the YAM aluminium Rib boats are designed to complement its existing line of small outboard motors.

Yamaha launched a newly modelled line of its YAM ribs last year, and the new aluminium versions build on that.

The design marries an aluminium V-hull to a stout thermo-welded PVC tube, making them lightweight but capable of robust beach landings.

Yamaha describes the hull as anti-slip – presumably inside rather than outside – and with a flat deck.

Certainly, the V-shaped hull should make the boats more comfortable in a seaway, while contributing to better handling and less leeway.

The new aluminium tender models also come with tough aluminium oars mounted on easy-stow clips and a specially reinforced transom for mounting the outboard.

The smallest YAM 270 TAf is designed for stowing on a family cruiser, and weighs in at 48kg. It can carry three adults and a child with a motor up to 8hp.

In the midrange, the YAM 310 TAf has an integrated anchor locker and can be fitted with bench seating or one of two console options.

It weighs nearly 58kg, but can carry an extra adult and up to 20hp on the transom.

The biggest hull in the range is the YAM 350 TAf with a capacity of up to 550kg including an outboard up to 25hp.

Again, the YAM 350 offers the possibility of an open configuration, bench seating or console.

With their more complex metal construction, the new YAM aluminium Rib boats are pitched at a slightly higher price point than Yamaha’s existing T and S range boats.

And if you want the option of a console or a thwart, expect to pay an additional £470-£930.


YAM 270 TAf: £1,900
YAM 310 TAf: £2,300
YAM 350 TAf: £2,800

Buy all the YAM Aluminium RIB Boats from Yamaha

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