Achieving the same basic thing as many similar looking antenna mounts, the Shakespeare 6187 antenna mount is both smaller and shinier.

Designed over four years by the Columbia, South Carolina-based company, the Shakespeare 6187 antenna mount is described as a real innovation. It is billed as saving boatowners both time and money.

The business end of the mount hasn’t changed compared to Shakespeare’s other offerings. With a 1in thread bearing a cable slot, it is suitable for VHF, GPS or satellite antennas.

And like a standard mount, it has been engineered to fit a standard antenna mount footprint. Four holes take the mounting screws, so it should be simple to swap out your old mount for this one.

Instead, it is the small overall size and the attractive electro-polished stainless-steel finish which is new for the brand. It is also this which justifies the £85.80 asking price. You are paying for the quality finish of the mount as well as the compact dimensions. It is 40mm shorter than its predecessors.

Where previous iterations of the mount needed twin ratchets to control the incline of the antenna, the 6187 uses just one. Its ratchet handle allows users to lower and twist the mount in a single manoeuvre, to redirect the antenna through a full hemisphere. It also makes it easy to remove the antenna entirely.

The company says it has taken years of research and development to bring the 6187 to market. It also claims that it can halve installation time to around 20 minutes compared to other mounts.

The Shakespeare 6187 antenna mount is designed for screwing down to a hard-top, deck or other flat surface, and is not suited to rail mounting.

Overall dimensions are 58mm x 95mm. Stock will become available in the UK in March.

Buy the Shakespeare 6187 antenna mount from SMGEurope 

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