Ocean Safety has revamped its large range of personal life-saving equipment, including the Ocean Safety rescue sling aimed at leisure sailors.


The Ocean Safety rescue sling is designed to make it easier to gain contact with someone that has fallen overboard. The sling has a lifting strop with 36-metres of floating yellow and red line, rated to a breaking strain of 700kg.

It is easy to use, with visual instructions printed on the durable soft outer valise. The padded lifting strop is long enough to go over an inflated lifejacket. It also has retro reflective tape to improve visibility of the casualty.

Ocean Safety has designed the MOB rescue sling’s valise so that it can be easily fitted to a guard rail. It is available in white or high visibility yellow.

There is also a separate webbing strop to attach the line to the vessel. The idea is to keep one end permanently made fast to the boat.

It is not meant to replace the horseshoe buoy that you heft over the side as soon as the man overboard alarm is sounded.

But once the boat has been brought under control and steered back to a position close to the casualty, the sling can be tossed to them and used to haul them towards the boat.

Once in throwing range, you release the outer valise from the guardrail, and toss it underarm in the direction of the casualty. They slide the long, padded loop over their head and under their arms. Then the crew on board can haul them back towards the boat.

The sling is easily strong enough to be used for lifting the MOB as well. You’ll need some extra crew members for strength, or a dedicated block and tackle to increase the purchase.

It can be an uncomfortable process for the person in the water, whose clothing will have absorbed plenty of seawater. This makes them heavier, putting more strain where the strop runs under their arms. The padding helps.

The Ocean Safety rescue sling is priced at £145.60

Buy the Ocean Safety rescue sling from Ocean Safety

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