Louder and clearer music on board is now a reality thanks to the launch of a range of new Fusion Apollo marine amplifiers. Sam Fortescue reports.

Fusion Apollo marine amplifiers are designed exclusively for boats that already feature Fusion marine entertainment systems. But as the Garmin-owned company is a key supplier to the serial yacht production sector for years, that accounts for a good number of more recent boats.

With a meaty 150W RMS per channel, a special high power mode and reduced harmonic distortion, the new amps should improve audio reproduction on board.

Depending on the model, it will support two, four, six or eight channels.

Fitting neatly into existing Fusion systems, they support the zones set-up. This allows different users to play different tracks in different areas of the boat.

There is also a dual-channel ‘zone’ model designed to amplify a single zone of your Fusion network.

Settings can be adjusted wirelessly via the Fusion-Link app, which allows you to select different sound profiles.

“By offering an innovative amplifier range specifically designed for Fusion systems, boaters can expect to have the same quality of sound performance found in high-end home audio systems while out on their boats,” says Dan Bartel, Garmin Vice President of global consumer sales.

The Fusion Apollo marine amplifiers have the sleek look of a well-honed piece of consumer electronics, not something you plan to tuck away in a technical space.

The smallest ‘zone’ amp looks like an Apple TV box, measuring 100m x 115m x 48mm and weighing in at 480g. The eight-channel unit tops out at 3.15kg for dimensions of 359mm x 180mm x 50mm.

They work on 12V and have a jaw-dropping power consumption at full blast.

It’s natural enough – power out has to be balanced by power in. The zone amp pumps out 140W, which requires some 10A on a 12V system.

By the time you get to the eight-channel unit, you’re talking about 2,400W and a staggering 104A of current. That’s the same as a really beefy anchor windlass, and requires power cables to match.

Pricing: 1-channel £169; 4-channel £559; 6-channel £679; 8-channel £809

Buy the 1-channel Fusion Apollo marine amplifier from Garmin
Buy the 4-channel Fusion Apollo marine amplifier from Garmin
Buy the 6-channel Fusion Apollo marine amplifier from Garmin
Buy the 8-channel Fusion Apollo marine amplifier from Garmin

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