Ultraviolet water purification systems are all the rage at the moment, and the Aegina-Pure water purifier is designed with boats in mind.

The Aegina-Pure water purifier is designed by PRP Optoelectronics in Swindon and uses UVC light generated by low-energy LEDs to neutralise the water coming from your tanks. What is more, it can communicate its parameters to your MFD or via a smartphone app.

Aegina-Pure produces Class A pure water that is 99.99% clean, eliminating germs, bugs and pathogens. The UV light acts on the cell walls of viruses and bacteria, damaging its DNA or RNA. Unable to recover or reproduce, the pathogen loses its potency. This process is known as thymine dimerization.

The technology has found traction in off-grid situations, such as mobile homes and boats. It is well suited to marine use because it is low power and runs easily off a 12V battery supply. The entry-level unit can purify 3 litres of water per minute using just 39W. The display consumes just 2W when the device is not in use.

Higher capacity Aegina-Pure units can deliver 6, 12 or 18 litres of clean water per minute. These naturally consume more power: 72W, 144W and 216W. Larger units can be engineered as custom projects.

The Aegina-Pure water purifier is fairly compact, with all units measuring 304mm x 202mm. The depth varies according to the capacity, but starts at 112mm. Water input and output hosetails are designed to fit standard 1/2in (12mm) water hoses.

There are no consumables in the system, but PRP recommends installing a prefilter of 5 microns or finer. An annual service can quickly be accomplished by the boat owner using no tools or spare parts.

Whether you’re drinking from the tanks or filling up from an unreliable water source – this intelligent UVC water purification system would provide peace of mind, especially to bluewater cruisers. It also eliminates the need for bottled water on board, saving plastic and space.

The 3-litre unit costs around £3,500, while the 6-litre unit costs around £5,000.

Buy it now from aegina-pure.com

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