Some DAME award winning new marine electronics from METS trade show and some other new pieces of handy new electronic boating gear for 2022

The latest round-up of marine electronics from the METS trade connect show, with DAME award winners and nominated new gear.

Cristec DC to DC battery charger New Marine Electronics for 2022
Cristec YPower DC to DC charger

This YPOWER DC-DC fan-less charger-converter has been designed to charge a 12, 24, 36 or 48V battery bank from a 12, 24, 36 or 48V network.
Typically this would be used to charge a 24V bow-thruster battery bank from the 12V onboard network. This charger will also allow a LiFePO4 battery to be recharged from a Lead battery connected to an alternator.Price £470 excl VAT

ICOM hand held FHV radio with AIS new marine electronics for 2022

Icom HandheldIC-M94DE AIS

What’s better than a handheld radio with DSC? A handheld radio with DSC and AIS capability! How about adding Float’n Flash to that spec? Heck yes!

This looks like an incredibly versatile portable handheld VHF unit, with the added security of displaying the identity of the vessel you’re calling.

Those who navigate the magic roundabout TSS in the North Sea at night will attest, having the ability to call named shipping directly is an absolute boon.

Such a useful and some might say essential bit of kit for anyone using a smaller vessel in coastal waters. We’re looking forward to bringing you the real world test with this in 2022

£329.95 inc VAT

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Lithium battery DAME award winner new marine electronics for 2022

Mastervolt Lithium Ion battery MLI Ultra 1250

Lithium batteries for recreational boating are becoming more and more attainable for most boaters. The development in the past 10 years has seen huge improvements in affordability and compatibility with modern marine electronics. The MLI Ultra 1250 sets new standards in battery design. It is in size, featuring market leading technology, including an intelligent battery management system, integrated battery switch, heat pad, IP65 design and extended connectivity, this battery is built for reliability and low cost of ownership.

Price from £1450

Read more and find a stockist  at

Digital yacht 4xtream 4g signal booster new marine electronics for 2022

Digital Yacht4G Xtream wireless internet

4G Xtream offer fast internet connectivity at up to 300 MBs and up to 25NM from shore with extended features such as NMEA 2000 interfacing, integrated GPS and dual band wifi.
They say that you can maintain a 4G signal up to halfway across the English channel. We’ll find out if this claim is true in early 2022 race season as we know someone who has optimistically fitted this to a Sunfast 3200.


Buy4G Xtream from

scanstrut mobile phone charging cubby

Scanstrut wireless phone charging cubby

Phone charging isn’t a sexy business but it’s an ongoing daily (or multiple times daily) requirement for some of us on the water.
If you’ve struggled to find somewhere safe and secure while your expensive device wirelessly powers up then have a look at this charging cubby hole from Scanstrut.
Perfect for integration into consoles, seating & cabinetry. Slide your phone into the nest to start charging. There’s a grippy mat to stop the slide and a lip to act as a tumble barrier.

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