Wonderful footage of orcas and other whales hunting in shallow waters in northern Norway from Barba, a Jeanneau Sun Fast 37


VIDEO: Sailing and free diving with orcas

Marine biologist and professional sailor Andreas B. Heide has been in touch to share stunning footage of orcas hunting in northern Norway. Andreas skippers expeditions to the Arctic on Barba, his Jeanneau Sun Fast 37, from his base in Stavanger. He also features as the free diver swimming with orca in the video.

‘Gentle, inquisitive’ orca


Andreas swimming with orcas

‘During the shooting of a documentary in arctic Norway,’ says Andreas, ‘we got up close and personal with orcas. Rather than ferocious killers, they are gentle and inquisitive, at least when it comes to human encounters. Hundreds of orcas and humpback whales gather in the Tromsø region between November and January, to feed on the overwintering herring.’

The footage was shot in November 2016, around Kvaløya in Tromsø, Norway, during one week of a three-month expedition to make a documentary about orcas in the wild. The crew included amongst others a former whale trainer from the US, and adventurers and photographers from across the globe.


Kari takes the helm as Andreas anticipates his next dive

Barba is going back to the whales next winter, and is looking for crew to take part in the adventure! Get in touch at barba.no

The video was shot and edited by David Gonzalez Buendía, of Buendía Photography (www.buendiaphotography.com) and the kite surfer performing under the Northern Lights is a world champion Kari Schibevaag (kariland.com).

‘Mind blowing’ footage

‘I’m always looking for something new,’ says photographer David. ‘I’m a scuba diver and have been filming whales around Tromsø for several seasons, but never like this. I’m also one of the first photographers to film the Northern Lights in real time but this takes it one step further. When I first met Andreas and Kari, I immediately saw the potential of Barba trip as an opportunity for something new and very special. It was a huge challenge to film orcas underwater while Andreas was free-diving and Kari was on the SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard). I also filmed with a drone while they both were in the water so it was a big technical challenge, but the mind-blowing results have been more than worth it. I then asked Kari to be filmed, for the very first time, kiting under the Northern Lights. And she said yes! No matter how cold, windy or tough it was, or how crazy was the plan, everyone was very enthusiastic and keen to go out and get things done. Together we made it possible.’