Montel Fagan-Jordan learns it is all about the attention to detail during his work placement with Alex Thomson Racing

It’s my fourth week here at Alex Thomson Racing and the HUGO BOSS boat has just been put back into the water, writes Montel Fagan-Jordan in his second blog for Yachting Monthly.

Everything is looking great and it’s all coming together smoothly, which is great to see.

The mast is now back on and the rigging is looking in good shape.

There are still many more jobs to do but that just means more learning and experience for me to gain, which is always a positive in my eyes.

One thing that I have learned here is that this team doesn’t cut any corners and they don’t forget the little details.

This has been clear throughout the whole refit period.

The team do constant check-ups of the boat – things such as wet sanding the keel and rudders and making them as smooth as possible.

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All of these tiny details add to the speed of the boat.

I’ve never seen a team work as hard as the Alex Thomson Racing team does, whether that’s the team working on the boat or the team in the office, working behind the scenes.

I’m just overwhelmed to be a part of it, particularly over this busy summer period.

Six years ago, when I first started sailing, I never thought I would be given the opportunity to work in an establishment like this one.

In the coming week, the team and I will be getting the boat put back together after the refit. Fingers crossed the boat will be ready to sail by Friday this week.

I guess that’s the best part of the whole experience so I’m looking forward to it.

Before you know it, HUGO BOSS will be back on the water and testing for the Route du Rhum!

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