Own up to your sailing sin for the chance to win a handheld VHF radio


Holding on – a confession by Eilef J. Gard…

It was early spring, and the sea was at its coldest on this south-west corner of Norway.

Our yacht was in its berth just below our house. I popped down to fetch something, wearing thin overalls over light clothes.

The marina was still under construction, so I had to find a secure foothold on a log as I put my hand on the rail, ready to step aboard.

I took three seconds too long, giving the boat time to be pushed away.

I braced myself for a very cold dip, and feared that my mobile phone in my pocket would drown.

But, just as I was stretched out horizontally over the water, the mooring line came taut and the boat stopped drifting.

There I was, feet on shore and hands on the boat, with no chance to escape the situation except to take the plunge.

But wait! My phone!

With just one hand on the rail, I managed to fish out my only – albeit humiliating – hope for a rescue and called the first family member I found, my daughter.

‘Mum!’ she cried, ‘Dad is falling into the sea!’

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They panicked and came running, only to stop dead and bend over in laughter when they saw the hapless sailor.

‘Oh come on, I can’t hold on any longer,’ I shouted.

When it was over, my wife regretted not having run back to fetch the camera, though I was much Standard Horizon VHF unitrelieved.


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