Own up to your sailing sin for the chance to win a handheld VHF radio


Peter Rolt

Some years ago a friend and I were sailing back up to Bristol from Falmouth.

I usually liked to do the trip in one go, so we may not have been at our most alert by the time we were somewhere between Ilfracombe and Foreland Point at night and spotted bright red lights directly on our intended course.

Nothing appeared to be on the chart and whatever it was it was big and brightly lit so we would have to go around it.

We tried to give it a wide berth but we had no idea how far away it was or which direction, if any, it was moving in. The lights did not get any dimmer and remained too close to our course for comfort. How big was this thing?

I don’t remember how long we spent trying to avoid it but I do remember the mixture of relief and red faced embarrassment when I realised we had been trying to sail around Cardiff airport, the bright lights of which, perched as they are – close to the shore, had utterly confused us.

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