The Ultra Anchor Ring is just one of the new bits of kit Yachting Monthly found in Amsterdam at METS 2015, the world’s biggest marine equipment trade show


Cruisers like a gadget with more than one function so this will appeal. It’s a stainless steel ring with lead ballast. Slide the chain through the aperture and it can be lowered down the chain to use as a chum/angel/kellet. If your anchor fouls, either fetch the tender or ease off the chain and motor over the anchor, slide the Ring down the chain and along the shank to the crown, and you can trip the anchor.
It comes in three sizes, 8, 10 and 15kg. The 8kg is good for anchors up to 27kg using 6-10mm chain. Is 8kg heavy enough to work as a chum? In light winds, probably yes, but the tripping function is a definite bonus. Not cheap at €323 but handy and indestructible.

Ultra Marine

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