Yachting Monthly visit the RAI Amsterdam to METS 15, the world’s largest marine equipment trade show, to see a new way to create rope loops


The self-locking adjustable T- toggles come in three varieties. T-Close K a toggle in a loop of Dyneema for creating adjustable soft shackles. T-bat K an easily adjustable loop suitable for use on fenders. Lastly the T-lazy K a smaller sleeker version for use on lazy jacks. The T-close K is available with 2mm, 3mm, 5mm or 6mm line spliced in place. The small black cam-shaped wedge acts like a captive dogbone, and the shackle can be connected quickly with a variety of different ways of looping it.
The loop of the T-bat can be adjusted to make it larger (making the fender hang close to the toerail), or by sliding the toggle up it reduces the loop making the fender hand lower – closer to the water.
The T-Lazy K uses the same principle as the T-bat but it’s available for smaller line diameter.
Two 5mm Dyneema T-close shackles at €31.50 inc VAT

Nodus Factory

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