The Lady's Hook is just one of the new bits of kit Yachting Monthly found in Amsterdam at METS 2015, the world’s biggest marine equipment trade show


Why Lady’s Hook? It’s usually the gent hogging the wheel leaving his long-suffering lady to do all the mooring athletics.
This device, a 0.5kg, 90cm length of stainless steel with a curled hook at one end and a handle at the other, makes mooring easier and safer. Attach a mooring line to the handle and you can hold onto something with one hand while leaning over to hook a cleat or ring on the pontoon. The hook is designed not to fall off so you just tighten the mooring line and that gives you plenty of time to rig something more permanent if needs be. I can see singlehanders finding it equally useful, though I’ve a feeling the name may change.


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