iKommunicate is a new concept in grass roots marine electronics that Yachting Monthly found out about in Amsterdam at METS 2015, the world’s biggest marine equipment trade show


What is the best sailing app? The answer probably depends on you and your sailing, but pretty soon you’ll have plenty more to choose from. A group of sailor geeks have been designing apps for a while but can’t afford to have them sanctioned by NMEA so they’ve released them as Open Source, or Signal K, apps.
Now the aim is to bring those people together under one banner, iKommunicate, so that they can release apps in the mainstream.
Everything has a marine ID: buoys, marinas, boats etc. With iKommunicate, you can arrive at a lock in your N2K equipped boat, and automatically find out where there’s a spare berth, and what wind speed and direction are. Your engine could log telemetry and your service agent could note it’s running a bit hot and fix the problem before it gets too expensive. All sorts of practical uses.
There’s a Kickstarter campaign to test the appetite for Signal K and fund the hardware needed (the box is USD299 at the moment). Find out more about Signal K and its world of possibilities at the iKommunicate website.


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