Yachting Monthly's at METS 15, the world's largest marine equipment trade show, and find the Argonaut M7: a waterproof touchscreen control for your smartphone


Smartphones and tablets are great until they come into contact with the water, so wouldn’t it be great if they could be kept safely below and you could still have many of their features on deck? Let us introduce the Argonaut M7, a waterproof touchscreen display that acts as a repeater for your smartphone or tablet and also interact with other wi-fi devices. However it doesn’t just repeat the information, you can also control your device via the Argonaut’s touchscreen display which was designed for on-the-water use. So it’s possible to leave your device on charger safely tucked up where it’s warm and dry but still have access to your phone and many of its apps on deck. Available with a variety of mounts the rugged 7-inch display can be used to make phone calls, surf the internet – within mobile data range and, of course, use navigation apps from your device. The display is bright and sunlight readable too.

Argonaut Computer, Inc.

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