Six of the latest electric boat propulsion drives and outboards new for 2022, as released at the METS trade show.

New for 2022 from METS trade show – Electric boat propulsion drives and electric outboards

Bluenav BlueSpin retractable turbine electric boat propulsion

BlueSpin Retractable is a hybridisation solution for motorboats with outboards. Switching between propulsion modes is done at the push of a button. It works in a similar way to a hybrid car, where you can have a combustion engine on for high speed and longer cruising but when you’re slowly ticking away through moorings or up a quiet creek, you can switch over to e-drive mode and quietly whisper along with just the electric boat propulsion and a smug grin.

BlueSpin is vertically retractable and rotating so you can also use these for sideways maneuvers and they tuck away neatly when not in use so there’s no drag.


BlueSpin Inhull motor

There’s an in-hull version of this retractable e-drive too, though we have yet to see how this would work in practice with real world conditions that include weed and plastic bags and all manner of in-water rubbish that could block the retracting leg, it’s a step in a very interesting direction for those of us who are keen to move on from diesel engines in our sailing boats. This can be retrofitted to older vessels and specified from new for new builds. The directional prop would be a really interesting function to have, especially for yachts with single prop and twin rudders.

  • Reduced noise, air and water pollution
  • Ease of maneuvering at low speed
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Can be used for hydrogeneration
  • Thrust rotation or selectable orientation
  • Retractable option to limit drag impact
  • Available in several power outputs (15, 20, 30 et 50kW)

Price: TBC
Read more about the BlueNav retractable drive at

Molabo electric drive motor

Weighing just 45 kg (including motor and controller) this  48v drive can put out a constant 50kw of drive thrust. Because it has touch safe voltage and uses low-voltage components it is less expensive than higher voltage alternatives and it’s lower weight enables it to consume less energy. Therefore, because of the low voltage drive design, you won’t need high voltage training to install the unit. Molabo stateds that this shaft drive has system efficiency of more than 95 % at the optimum operating point, this is the combined efficiency of the e-motor (97 %) and controller (98 %). The stator cage gives a reassuring robust look to the unit too.

We are likely to see more and more people swapping their old smoky or dead diesel engines out for these electric boat propulsion units. We’re looking forward to seeing a working model fitted and tested out on the water later this year.


Price TBC

Read more about Molabo shaft drive motor at


E-propulsion Evo series of three new motors

The Evo range of E-Propulsion outboards has finally been launched in the EU as of the end of 2021.
Spirit 1.0 Evo is a portable 3HP electric outboard, available as tiller or remote control options and is made for dinghies, fishing boats, and sailboats. It features a 1276Wh large integrated lithium battery. The safety wristband works like a kill cord to cut power if you fall overboard.
Running at mid way through the power output, you’ll get roughly 5 hours of use out of it or 22 miles on still water, or if you run flat out everywhere you’ll get just over an hour of use out of the Evo 1.0.
In the Evo range there’s a more powerful motor option called the the Navy Series. It provides enough power for aluminum fishing boats, dinghies, daysailers and cruising sailboats, and it’s suitable for either saltwater and freshwater.
Navy 3.0 Evo and Navy 6.0 Evo have the equivalent of 6hp and 9.9hp respectively. You choose your motor, then a battery to power it, then a remote control setup, with options for a dual controller, side mount, top mount or a more traditional tiller arm. The beauty of the Evo is that they all provide hydrogeneration, so if you’re sailing about and leave the prop in the water, you’ll be able to put some power back into your battery. Which is rather a smart idea we think.
 Spirit 1.0 Evo  Navy 3.0 Evo  Navy 6.0 Evo
EVO XS shaft £1,800
EVO S shaft £1,800 £2,200 £2,600
EVO L shaft £1,850 £2,250 £2,650
Spare batttery £900
Tiller £250 £250
Top mount remote control £250 £250
Side mount remote control £400 £400
E series E80 lithium battery £2000 £2000
E Series E175 Lithium battery £4000 £4000
E series battery parallel cable £75 £75
E Series 30A battery charger £400 £400


Buy EPropulsion from Nestaway or any dealer listed on the Epropulsion dealer page.

remigo electric outboard new gear 2022

Remigo electric outboard motor

The Remigo fully integrated 1000w electric outboard motor is a first of its kind. Designed to be simple to use, mount and adapt to multiple small boats or tenders.

The mounting bracket moves on the body to allow up to 80mm of leg adjustment. Portable and stowable,  it could easily slip into the lazarette or a small hatchback car.

They say that it can be charged with AC or DC, with a fast AC charge taking just 3 hours and a DC full charge taking around 12 hours.

In eco mode, travelling at 2 knots, you’ll get up to 30nm out of it. If you travel on a fast tidal river needing to motor at 5 knots, then you’ll get just under 5nm from one charge.

Weighing in at a little under 15kg or 33lbs it’s on a par with other small 2 or 3hp petrol outboards.
Price Euro 1985 excl VAT

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