Are Wiig is now setting up a jury rig after his yacht, Olleanna rolled 360° and dismasted in heavy weather

Norwegian Golden Globe Race skipper, Are Wiig  will shortly be sailing to Cape Town under jury rig after his yacht was rolled 360° and dismasted.

The incident happened around 400 miles south west of Cape Town at 16:30 UTC yesterday. He quickly cut the mast and rig away from the hull but left the forestay, and it is currently hanging from the bow of his OE 32 Olleanna in the water with the sail attached acting as a sea anchor

Golden Globe organisers said the 58-year old yacht surveyor from Svelvik was below decks when the yacht lying hove-to in 35-45knot winds and 7-8m seas. One cabin porthole was lost, but Wiig reported that he was not injured and there was no damage to the hull.

Position of Are Wiig when he dismasted

Gregor McGuckin is the nearest boat to Are Wiig, should the Norwegian skipper need assistance

He is now waiting for improved conditions to set up a jury rig and he is repairing the broken porthole.

Race chairman Don McIntyre, who answered the call from Wiig, reports: ‘Are sounded confident and very much in control. His windvane self steering system had broken, and before going below, he had been hand-steering since 05:00. Down below is a mess, but he plans to tidy up and monitor the situation and then develop a plan.’

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‘He has everything onboard to make a jury rig. Are confirmed that he had NOT activated his EPIRB and did NOT require any assistance at this time. All his safety equipment is secure and in good order. His satellite communications are working well and he has full electrical power,’ he added.

Rescue authorities in Cape Town have been alerted by Golden Globe Race HQ, as has the rest of the fleet.

Ireland’s Gregor McGuckin is the closest competitor to Wiig, some 40 miles north east of the Norwegian’s position, but he is also facing the same strong winds.


At this stage, Wiig has not asked for any assistance.

Prior to being dismasted, Wiig was in third place, chasing Dutchman Mark Slats and race leader Jean-Luc Van Den Heede, who is currently just under a 1,000 miles ahead of Slats.