London yachtsmen: Vote for Livingstone

Q: Why should London-based sailors vote for Ken Livingstone in the next Mayoral election?

A: Because the enlightened one has ruled out a land fill site which would take away the second most popular cruising area in England.

The current Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has seen just how radical the policies of the newly elected coalition government are and is now pushing hard at the doors of the Department for Transport to get his utopian dream of a new airport for the capital built in the Thames Estuary.

Boris Island, as Heathrow-on-Sea has been dubbed, would wreck sailing in the Thames Estuary, raise the sea levels which already threaten to make the Thames barrier obsolete, put aircraft in danger of a bird strike from tens of thousands of migrating sea fowl, mean the demolition of windfarms in the flight path and present a fat and vulnerable target for terrorists.