Variable conditions

Britain is set for a run of hotter summers, but interspersed with record downpours. The country’s winters are likely to be milder, but with periods of Arctic temperatures.

Storms will become more frequent although the periods of flat calm between them will be longer.

Drought cannot be ruled out although flooding will be an increased risk for many places.

Frogs will fall from the sky, but only on Skegness. Locusts are likely to deprive Polish workers of field work in the Fens. Great White Sharks will be breeding in Newhaven Harbour by 2019 although the ro-ro ferry berth is to be extended.

Barbecues are likely to become more frequent in SE England as late as November, but such food is not recommended for children suffering obesity.

The impact of man upon climate is ‘detectable’ but far from conclusive.

And as for any chance of the Met Office ceasing to hedge its bets it is ‘too early to say’ an expert told YM yesterday.