Bomb disposal


The longest serving editor of Yachting Monthly, the late Maurice Griffiths, was decorated with a George Medal for his courageous work de-activating parachute mines in London’s East End during the Blitz in 1940, but he didn’t get them all.

This morning all trains coming into London via the East End were severely delayed after a ‘World War Two bomb’ was uncovered near West Ham.

Ironically MG, having finished his war service as a temporary lieutenant in the Royal Naval Volunteer Service (RNVR), would have been commuting right past that same bomb to the YM office for the next 20 odd years!

Today it was finally uncovered and – according to my platform announcer – was found to be ‘leaking’. It means that all services both on c2c and the London Underground will be cancelled tonight and tomorrow morning while it is dealt with.

Whether another George Medal will be earned only time will tell.