Tsunami in Devon

En route to the West Country recently to meet a man about a boat I was rattling along the south Devon coast in the 08.11 from Paddington when we came across the russet-coloured cliffs of Dawlish Warren.

There was a strong south-easterly breeze blowing and it was High Water and I watched transfixed as a huge wave reared up, leapt forward and exploded over the train.

My fellow passengers screamed, but I did not flinch having seen it coming.
Later a local cab driver told me the trains had been imported from Canada and for months SW Trains could not work out why they kept breaking down.

‘Eventually they realised the trains had a power connecting system up on the roof keeping it clear of the snow more usually experienced in Canada,’ he told me.

Perhaps it explains why the conductors on these trains use the irritating phrase: ‘Reading will be your next station stop, Exeter St David’s will be your next station stop, Plymouth will be your next station stop.’

A back-door way of admitting there are also unscheduled stops, perhaps…

 PIC courtesy Globe Video Films