Veteran sailor's guides


Veteran yachtsman Don Street, 78, has concentrated his 50-odd years of ocean sailing and pilot book writing onto five DVDs. Time was, back in the 1980s, that UK yacht clubs would hold Don Street lookalike competitions, with beery sailors glueing unstranded lengths of bask rope onto their chins. Then when Don started releasing videos of his wit and wisdom, yachtsmen followed up with Don Street talk-alike competitions apeing his well known squawky voice.

Don now claims he is the oldest yachting writer still writing, sailing and drinking. He wrote his first article Going South for the September issue of Yachting Monthly in 1964.

But much of his expertise is as relevant today as it was all those years ago. So anyone interested should seek out the Don Street DVD Collection which includes: Transatlantic with Street, Sailors’ Knots, Streetwise 1 and 2 and Antigua Race Week.They are available through Imray Tel: 01480462114, ” A full description of all five DVDs and other interesting information is available on Street’s web site: