Ferry theft

Yachting Monthly has a new representative in south-east Ireland. She is dark-haired, independently-minded and has a penchant for anoraks…mine in particular.

On a delivery trip last weekend, I joined YM’s production editor Kieran Flatt and his crew, Jayne Toyne of Horse & Hound magazine to help bring his Twister 28, Cleaver, back to her berth at Milford Haven, Wales from Waterford, Ireland.

This necessitated an overnight ferry from Pembroke to Rosslare after a five hour drive from London. Not surprisingly, Cleaver’s crew were weary and tried to get some sleep on the benches of the ferry during the crossing.

Upon arrival at Rosslare I discovered my Henri Lloyd YM jacket – my favourite as it happens – had been stolen.

The ferry purser told me they had a suspect – and described her – but said they could not challenge her. They gave me a description and I climbed on the only coachfull of ferry passengers to make a search, almost as immediately realising that unless the suspected felon was actually wearing the jacket, I also could not make a challenge.

So I sailed back to England minus my coat.