Gongs for the meritocracy


Q: What have Admiral Sir Jock Slater and pop star Brian May got in common?
A: The Queen. Sir Jock was once Equerry to Her Majesty and Brian was lead guitarist with the popular singing group Queen.

You could be forgiven for thinking the similarities stop there, you’d be wrong. Now Sir Jock has collected a corporate award on behalf of the RNLI while the crinkle-haired musician has received an Honorary Fellowship for services to astronomy.

You could be forgiven for thinking I am making this up. You’d be wrong again.
Today the Liverpool John Moores University made the awards. The first to Sir Jock for the RNLI’s ‘vital search and rescue service, which has saved countless lives on the river Mersey, the North West coastline and beyond.’ The second to ‘keen amateur astronomer Brian May in recognition of his services to advancing the public understanding of science.’

Every day’s a school day, as some people say.