Cowes Week CEO clears up confusion over Solent shipping movements

Last week’s not guilty plea by RNSA skipper Roly Wilson to three Colregs charges at Southampton Magistrates’ Court, has caused much confusion on various forums regarding Solent shipping movements.

The Yachting Monthly news story from July 2012 clarifies the situation.

It quotes Cowes Week CEO Stuart Quarrie will help, who explained:

‘When large ships enter the Solent on the flood they make a 40 degree turn to port at the Prince Consort buoy before making a ‘hand brake’ turn to starboard at the Gurnard buoy in order to steam up the Thorn Channel. This makes allowance for the tide to avoid being set down onto the Bramble Bank. On the ebb the ships make their sharp turn to starboard at the Prince Consort buoy for the same reason.’

Mr Quarrie told YM that tides in the Solent run ‘two knots faster on the bottom than on the surface’ which is another factor affecting ships and not yachts.