Do not publish details of release, family urge

If contracts have already been drawn up by newspapers for the human interest story of the newly-released yachting duo Paul and Rachel Chandler’s 388 days in captivity, they should tread carefully.

Of course the Chandlers are in the unenviable position of being indebted to creditors who raised a reported £600,000 for their release.

But the family have stated that it ‘would be irresponsible to discuss any aspect of the release process as this could encourage others to capture private individuals and demand large ransom payments.’

Good point and if they do sell their story to a newspaper, that could be the greatest incentive of all for Somali pirates to target yachtsmen.

The best way forward would be for the Chandlers to tell their story openly and for nothing to one and all which would perhaps help others avoid their terrible ordeal.

Let’s not forget the Somalis now hold two more hostages, this time snatched from a South African yacht.

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