Throwing mud at a barn door


If I were the boss of Minn Kota or Dura Safe Ink I would be wondering why I was employing one Cathy Kraatz in the PR department. This morning Ms Kraatz sent me an electronic mail which screamed: ‘FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE’.

Excited by this urgent permission to publish, I read on and discovered that the aforementioned companies based in New Berlin, Wisconsin had struck a deal. The result of the concorde between ‘the oldest manufacturer of electric trolling motors in the world’, and a ‘trolling motor lock’ manufacturing company is that anglers in America who use boats with transoms can now secure their outboards ‘exclusively’.

‘Aftermarket trolling motor accessories are a strategic part of our business,’ Ms Kraatz’s talking head explained, ‘and we are always trying to expand our offerings in the accessory product category. For retailers, it will serve as an add-on or impulse sale that will generate additional revenue and profit.’

I have endeavoured to find a picture which matches the relevance of sending this email to me.