New mag for animal lovers

A new magazine has been launched called Practical Goat Owner – well almost. The new organ is for those who like doing it themselves when it comes to goat, sheep and cloven-hoof ownership.

It just means there’s yet another title I must ensure does not obscure the cover of YM the next time I’m waiting at Waterloo Station for a Solent-bound rattler.

While we’re on the subject of our four-legged friends, what’s all this fuss about horse flesh? The best steaks I’ve ever eaten have been after a North Sea crossing in the restaurants of Flanders where local yachtsmen feast on horse in mustard sauce with frites and salad.

I rather like what they call them, too: loosely translated it’s Dobbin burgers.

Picture shows Ostend’s harbourmaster where restaurants have also sold visiting yachtsmen ‘Dobbin burgers’ for decades.