Sport, sport, wonderful sport, prepares a young man for society

Yacht clubs across the nation have been ‘given permission’ to download two posters to announce that the Olympics and Paralympics are being shown on their bar-room TVs.

If they use any other form of Olympic logo they face being sued. This is because in the London Olympic Games & Parliament Games Act of 2006, the government granted the organisers huge concessions and according to author Nick Cohen writing in the latest Spectator magazine, it ‘breaks the principle of equality before the law.’

It is just as well that athletes wear elasticated pants as their rear ends are more readily accessed from the tongues of craven ministers. The culture of money has negated any sense of amateur spirit the games once imparted: the vulgar rings of the Olympiad which hang from London’s Tower Bridge seem more like some ghastly bling from an old tart.

While this country allows multi-nationals to make cream from the physically elite, they condemn their own citizens to rot because their bodies have lived ‘too long’ and therefore they must fork out for their own ‘care’.

Just before the MOD prepares to sack thousands of soldiers it signs them up for ‘security’ to back-up surface-to-air missiles on council flat roofs.

As a colleague said to me recently: ‘Never mind the terrorist threat what about the M4 collapsing?’

I could go on, but I’ll leave the marathon for the Olympians.

This story comes without an image to avoid litigation.