Sun, sea, sand and sunstroke


To accuse people who drive stonking great cars of having little else on offer is doubtless unfair and just pop psychology. But if there’s anything in such claims of inadequacy I wondered recently whether the same syndrome applies to Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai.

Mohammed watches daily the increasing stature of the Burj Dubai office building: it will be the world’s tallest building when it is finished this December.

This giant inhabited phallus will throw a 640m shadow over desert sands beneath which the oil and gas reserves, which financed its development, are fast running out.

So now the fabulously wealthy folks of the United Arab Emirates are sensibly looking forward and building a tourist trade. How do you fancy a charter in Dubai? Fly for seven hours to arrive in 45c heat. Motor your Beneteau sloop at top speed to get some breeze across the deck and then stop for a cooling swim in the 37c Persian Gulf.

Have a nice time, just don’t expect me to come with you.