Just one owner

Heard an amusing yarn while sailing in the Solent last week. A well-known British yacht builder had his latest production craft at the Southampton Boat Show some years back and to save on hotel bills the sales staff slept on board.

The boat was subsequently sold and her proud owner sailed away to the West Country but was soon puzzled as to the fine spray spurting from a pipe-outlet in the pulpit. It turned out this was the breather pipe for his holding tank, but as he had yet to use it he could not understand why it should be emitting anything.

When he did try and fill the tank with his own heads’ deposits – as a test – he discovered much to his alarm that the holding tank sides were bulging.
So he removed the inspection hatch on the top and was met with an explosion of ordure which proceeded to flood the boat.

After a furious phone call the manufacturer agreed to take the boat back and replace it. The show staff were interrogated and disciplined for not using the facilities ashore.

The following year the boat was back at the show. Bowls of pot pourri were scattered throughout the saloon.