New Charles Darwin pen released


While archaeologists probe the ooze of the Thames Estuary to locate the timbers of HMS Beagle, an image of her most famous passenger, Charles Darwin, has been painted onto a fountain pen and offered to me for £1,455.

Conway Stewart Luxury Pens sent me a press release yesterday to alert me to their product and told me that: ‘Charles Darwin was a British scientist who published the fundamentals of the theory of evolution which gave us thought for consideration into how we feel about the natural world.’

Their release gave me thought for consideration as to why the Pope still has a job and whether Darwin realised, as he used quills to write his theory, whether the species the feathers came from were endangered.

I’ll bet he did. But worried not, knowing that the survival of tufted creatures would require them to develop feathers with brittle nibs.Those which did not would go the way of the Dodo.

As producers of intelligent design, Conway Stewart Luxury Pens, may wish give thought to the consideration that priced at £1.5K, their pens may follow the Dodo’s demise.