Reaction to Heathrow-on-Sea


Yachtsman Timothy Allen has come up with a new cardinal mark which is inspired by his irritation at plans to build a new airport.

He said: ‘As someone who lives under the flight path for landings at Heathrow, albeit in relatively quiet Fulham, I am a firm opposer to ANY increase in the UK’s flight handling capacity in any form whatsoever, no matter how it is dressed up. I am yet to be swayed by any of the arguments mooted to date to justify what
appear still to be construction packages wrapped around greed and commercial opportunism.’

‘I would be only too delighted to lend one fine cement mixer to assist in making a really stout pair of Christmas boots for Boris, hell I will even deliver and load the thing. Alternatively perhaps the cardinal mark pictures could be used as an example to warn off others from such folly?’

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