Another voice backs the ruination of the Thames Estuary


The spectre of moving Heathrow to the Thames Estuary has raised its head again this morning. This time it is Anatole Kaletsky, a finance columnist in The Times who advocates such a move.

But as I’ve said before, people such as Mr Kaletsky are failing to grasp the fact that it is not just yachtsmen who need the wilderness of the Thames Estuary – as a safety valve in the heart of a hugely populated area – but anybody who loves close access to open space. Walkers, twitchers, cyclists, pic-nickers, pet owners will all be searching for somewhere else to roam if this monstrosity goes ahead.

‘When the dog is about to be sick on your doormat do you chase it next door? The new London Airport battle has swung from the gentle landscape of Buckinghamshire to the equally lovely Essex marshes and I love them both. The whispering grasses of the saltings in exchange for jet roar and general mess – how our descendants will love us…’that was written by former YM editor Des Sleightholme back in 1971, when this plan was mooted the first time round.

Well the ‘gentle landscape of Buckinghamshire’ marred by Heathrow is gone forever: for if the airport is moved it will be replaced by a giant housing estate. It is time to make a stand against the British Airports Authority. This is a small country and we don’t want anymore of it turned into the badlands of drifting paraffin fumes.