Beacons of a Brave New World

With the news this week that wind turbines are ‘sinking’ because of a design fault I wonder how long it will be before these giant propellors on sticks join the rest of the technological detritus surrounding Home Waters which are now of no more use than a handy fix for the lost mariner.

Whether windfarms will produce energy ‘too cheap to meter’, as was once promised with Sellafield aka Windscale, or whether they will prove to be bright shining swingometers of environmental correctness only time will tell.

But one thing is for sure, as they are upgraded or surpassed by other energy technology, many of them will be left as dark, satanic mills for us to take bearings of.

When an idea is sold to Government limitless treasure is made available for  its implementation. Once it is obsolete the coffers are invariably closed for its removal.