Champers on deck


It’s always uplifting to see folks enjoying themselves afloat in these dark days of economic blight. And this picture by Robert Astley-Sparke, lens man for Conde Nast, must bring us all a little ray of sunshine.

It depicts a lady called Amanda Wakeley, apparently one of Britain’s best known fashion designers sailing her yacht off Sicily while her hearty crew neck champagne.

Oddly enough it features in a special supplement selling the delights of holidaying in the Middle East and reveals that Saudi Arabia is one of a number of countries where Amanda’s creations are sold.

We are not told whereabouts in Saudi Arabia that country’s womenfolk get to wear anything other than designer sacks or, more dangerously, where they can enjoy a glass of bubbly without getting body-parts removed with the flourish of a sabre.

It is doubtful anyone in that country is even allowed to look at this picture. So three cheers for the internet.