Great new anchorage opens up in Somalia


Eyl, Somalia is an exciting run ashore for the Blue Water yachtsman who likes to explore places off the beaten track.

Local pilots will take control of your boat and steer you in safely through the reefs. Though care should be taken to protect the deck gel coat from unshouldered rocket-propelled grenade launchers and semi-automatic rifles.

Once inside you will be directed to a visitor’s anchorage shared with supertankers, bulk carriers, and freighters.

Eating out
You will be breaking bread with other hostages in any restaurant you choose: ‘special restaurants have even been set up to prepare food for the crews of the hijacked ships,’ the BBC reports.The going rate for ransom payments is between £168,000-£838,000, so expect to be well fed and watered. Since the hi-jack of an American container ship last week local sources believe a McDonalds franchise is being sought.

Things to do
The piracy industry, including those who feed the hostages, has become a mainstay of the Puntland economy, and souvenir shops have now opened where you can buy colourful hijabs, ash-trays beaten from shell cases, and goat-hoof door stops.