He'll really float your boat

Worse things happen at sea and Yachting Monthly has been measuring the worst of the worse. As many people know, YM now has a chief boat wrecker as well as a boat tester. This particular pirate is Chris Beeson who has been in charge of the hugely popular Crash Boat Test. He has capsized her, dismasted her, torched and smashed holes in her, all to find out what really happens when you are confronted with the stuff of adventure books.

I’ll lay money the series will one day save a life and for this we should all thank Master Beeson for enlightening us and heading up some serious expertise from the world of sailing for their advice on the dramas.

For me the over-riding factor when I went below for the first time on the Fizzical, the Sun Fizz 40 at Southampton Boat Show, was the old adage – stay with the boat. Whatever trials this old girl has been through she is still floating to her marks and from a distance could be taken for a yacht awaiting re-commissioning. However much water, fire and sledgehammer blows this accommodation has been party to, she still offers shelter.

You can bash on about life-jacket wearing, life-raft servicing and flare disposal till you are blue in the face. But as long as your boat floats stay with her: there’s a very good chance she’ll stay with you.


 Crash Test Boat iPad app now available