Multi-tasking catamaran builders

What’s in a name? Well quite a lot, actually and one name which deserves a salute is that of the catamaran builder Prout. The name of the multi-hull builder who started in Canvey Island, Essex, has returned with 50 footers built in China and with the son of the original founder Francis Prout as the UK rep.

This morning I caught a taxi to my work station and got yarning with the driver who grew up in Canvey Island. He had fond memories of the Prout company as they invited schoolboys into their yard after 4 o’clock and used their own shipwrights to demonstrate how to build a new kit form of sailing dinghy: the Mirror. For free.

This was for the good of the community and was not even one of their own designs. But perhaps one day those schoolboys would grow up and want a bigger boat. Even if not they would be empowered folks with some self esteem and Canvey Island and Prout would be living alongside positive citizens. Now that’s what I call inspirational leadership. A small idea which could lead to a bigger one. Are you listening Mr Cameron?