Silly bankers


Boris Johnson, the man who wants to deny yachtsmen the glory of the Thames Estuary, says British people rate the knighted banker Fred Goodwin to being a lower creature than a ‘cannibalistic paedophile global-warming denier.’

I’m glad the self-styled eccentric and Mayor of London has gone public on taking global warming seriously. I hope, too, that his ‘research’ into a replacement Heathrow Airport constructed off North Kent will show him what is blindingly obvious: namely that any constriction of the UK’s greatest river will increase load on the already straining Thames Barrier at Woolwich.

Sea levels are rising inexorably, partly due – mainly due – to the ice-caps melting caused by …global warming. One of the culprits of global warming is increased air traffic, say many boffins. Ergo: forget increasing air travel especially on newly created airports in areas which would exacerbate the overall problem.

So, Boz, back off.

PS I’ve got hold of a consignment of quick-drying ferro-cement. Your concrete overshoes await, Mr Mayor, on the Kentish Flats.