Is there a sailing record left to grab?


There are several people at sea currently who are chasing records. There is yoga practising,nut-eating Reid Stowe, 55, and his sailing novice girlfriend Soanya Ahmad, 23, who are attempting to sail the schooner Anne for 1,000 days at sea to achieve the longest voyage ever sailed by man record. You can help them by sending money online. They’ve even suggested a donation figure: ‘Seaman 20 dollars; lieutenants 50 dollars or admirals 500 dollars.’

There is Adrian Flanagan, 46, sailing his Trireme 38ft sloop on the first solo vertical circumnavigation of the world. He has taken a well earned six month break from his voyage, but now the warm weather is back is setting off once more. He has listed other firsts on his website and has even left a blank space for the record he is chasing.

It has all got me thinking. What records are left?
There is one – overlooked by everybody,and I hereby put my name forward for the first ever solo circumnavigation in reverse. I have decided that the correct boat for this is a gaff rigged, Open 60, with lifting keel, and gimballed coal stove. She will be fitted with twin Beta diesels. Anyone interested in sponsoring me should seek advice from their GP.