Yachting Monthly gets its first blogger


Welcome to my soap box in cyber space. I needn’t make angry phone calls to the RYA anymore, write letters of complaint to the Port of London Authority, or plan weekends at Speaker’s Corner. With this tool I’ve got my very own rant machine.

But I must be careful: there are more than enough people paid to have an opinion in today’s media. Every time I pick up a newspaper it seems there’s yet another columnist with a cheesy grin, a big by-line and an off-the-peg opinion. But do we need a mountain of comment? Every time I open another email I find there’s someone trying to direct me to their web log. But how many diaries of a nobody should anyone have to endure? There are six and a half billion people on earth and, given the chance, every one of them would like to have their say: not so much Fred Bloggs as Fred’s Blog.

So, dear reader, I make a solemn promise to you: I will keep the opining down to a bare minimum. Instead I will endeavour to inform, entertain and pass on all the news that’s unfit to print.