Teeny-boppers have time to train

Mike Perham has got a lot to answer for. Aged 17 he is the youngest person, ever, to have sailed around the world alone. But before that he was the youngest person -aged 14 – to have crossed the Atlantic solo.
His records have sparked copycat voyages and much heated debate about the wisdom of teeny-boppers going out on the ocean wave alone.

Fortunately those who accuse his superlative lifestyle as leading people astray are about to be shocked into internet meltdown: a teacher from Peterborough is aiming to become the first person to swim across the Atlantic.

Dan Martin will begin in Canada in May and aims to swim more than 3,600 miles from Nova Scotia to Brest in France.

It’s as well he is 28 allowing plenty of would-be challengers to his possible record before the ranks of teenagers need be called upon once more.