Slipping a fouled anchor


There is a 35 lb CQR anchor and four fathom of 3/8th chain lying on the sea-bed about 1.5 miles north-west of the Columbine buoy east of the Isle of Sheppey, Kent in the entrance to the East Swale.

My delayed week’s cruising – thanks to engine problems – see previous blogs, had culminated in pesky times when I anchored off the east Swale about 40 minutes off Low Water awaiting the next flood. I had cut across the shallows too early and run out of water.

When the tide made I went to haul up the anchor only to find it had fouled something unshiftable on the bottom. I had to slip it. I made do with my kedge until I got back to my mooring. But now I’m in the market for a second-hand 35lb CQR.